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Folding chairs

Form follows function & comfort!
Do you need to set up a lot of chairs outdoors in a very short space of time? Then the PRS folding chair is your best choice!
Firmly connected with perfect row spacing, these comfortable and safe seats are ideal for temporary events with very large numbers of visitors.


Material: PP-HD, PP-HD, Tube steel, PE
Depth: 51 cm incl. backrest
Feet Distance: 46 cm
Seating Surface: 40 cm
Wide: 45.5 cm (incl. comfort-connector 50 cm)
Seat height: 44 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg

Accessories: Covers (various colors), block holders, labels, row connectors, chair connectors (clips)


160 or 240 chairs per Pallet
5,200 pcs. per Tautliner